Schedule Your Confidential Plastic Surgery Consultation: What Happens In Our Meeting?

As part of our service to you, we will provide you with an initial confidential consultation to find out a little more about you.



1. Your consultation begins with your initial phone call to us. During this call, we will gather some personal information from you to be used in our initial meeting . At this time, we will also find out what your goals and expectations are for your procedure.

2. When you arrive for your meeting, we will confirm all of the information that was gathered from our phone call with you, and review the paperwork required for plastic surgery. We know you are busy, and we work extremely hard to stay within your time constraints. Here you will speak with our patient coordinator about your medical history and goals.

We will listen and address any medical concerns, general concern, or special needs you may have.

3. For the next step you can change into a comfortable robe in our consultation rooms. Dr. Haupt and his staff will review the plastic surgery procedure with you in greater detail. We?ll also go over the risks and benefits of your procedure, and whether we believe you are a good candidate for the procedure. The doctor will then perform a brief examination of the area, and answer any specific questions you have.

4. After your meeting with the doctor, there?ll be a few moments with the patient coordinator for any further thoughts or concerns you may have. She will give you a price quote on the procedues we have identified to be of interest to you.

She can discuss the payment options we offer as well. If you?d like to proceed with scheduling the surgery, you may do so at this time. We require a deposit of $500.00 to put you on the schedule. We will schedule a Pre-op appointment about a week prior to surgery.

5. During the Pre-op appointment we can address questions that have arisen in light of all the information exchanged during the first meeting. If you are having a breast augmentation during the pre-op visit we will perform the computer simulated breast enhancement on the Axis-400, our state of the art similator utilizing implants put in a picture of your body. We will go over the consent forms, prescriptions, take pictures, and discuss the surgery center. Your complete satisfaction and happiness with your appointment and surgical outcome is of utmost importance to us.

For any other questions about what happens in your confidential plastic surgery consultation, please feel free to call us at 801-293-8100 or email us for more information.