Out of Town?

In searching for the ideal surgeon, patients often look beyond their hometown.† About a third of our patient?s travel to Utah Cosmetic Surgery from Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Wyoming, Western Colorado, Alaska, California, the East Coast, and from Mexico, Europe and Australia.† While traveling for surgery is inconvenient, it is a small trade-off for finding the right surgeon who does good work combined with lower costs.† Utah Cosmetic Surgery and Dr. Haupt attempt?s everything possible to make the trip to Salt Lake City a pleasant and stress-free experience.

We have developed an effective program for our out-of-town patients. We guide the patient every step of the way, beginning with an internet consultation. To arrange an internet consultations call the office at 801-293-8100 to speak to one of our fabulous patient coordinators, or send an email to our Ask Sheri on the website. From there we ask that you follow the guidelines below. We will also assist you with Hotel information and places that we recommend at a discounted rate.

  1. Provide all medical history.
  2. Send pictures of the surgical areas requested.
  3. Review all information pertaining to the procedures.
  4. Need to be seen at least one day prior to surgery, the day after and as needed for proper surgical follow up.† We also require patients to call and send pictures during their recovery.
  5. Pay $500.00 deposit to be placed on the surgery schedule.
  6. Be available for a phone consultation.
  7. Make arrangements for payment in full two weeks prior to surgery and paid by the appropriate methods to ensure payment in full by the office appointment.
  8. Agree that Utah Cosmetic Surgery has the right to cancel any patient if they do not meet the appropriate medical or psychological standards for proper care and treatment.
  9. Obtain the required Lab Work at least seven days prior to procedure.
  10. Agree to Cancelation Policy of Non-Refundable $250 two weeks prior and $500 one week prior.† If UCS or Dr. Haupt cancels then we will refund all except $50 that can still be utilized for the same surgical procedure in the future when the medical or physiological problems have been corrected.