Having breast augmentation surgery can be an exciting prospect. It can give you the boost of self-confidence that you’ve been wanting and help you to feel even more beautiful in your body. However, not all breast implants are the same. There are certain sizes and shapes that will work better with certain body types. Here are a few tips that will help you to choose your breast implant size and shape.

Teardrop Shape

Teardrop-shaped breast implants have been recently developed by experts and approved by the FDA. The teardrop shape mimics the natural look of a woman’s breasts. So, when you choose to have this shape of implants inserted as part of your augmentation surgery, your surgery will just increase the natural beauty that you already have. These implants do require a little bit more expertise to be inserted correctly, so make sure that you hire a skilled plastic surgeon to do so.

Traditional Round Shape

If you aren’t interested in the teardrop shape, the alternative shape of implants is the traditional round shape. The round-shaped implants are easier to insert since they’ve been used in breast augmentation surgeries for many years. These implants are spherical and give a lot of volume to your breast shape. They also have volume and roundness in the upper part of the breast, unlike the teardrop shape which is a bit thinner at the top of the breast. If you’re interested in a fuller shape with quite a lot of lift and cleavage, the traditional round shape could be perfect for you.


The size of the breast implant that you should select should be satisfactory according to your desires. Most breast implants range between the 300cc and 400cc sizes, but some implants smaller and bigger than these sizes are available depending on where you live. If you want a large difference once your surgery is over, you should select a larger breast implant size. However, your implants should still be determined according to your body size including your height, weight, and frame. If you choose implants that are overly large, it could cause some health issues for you down the road. Make sure to talk to your plastic surgeon for an expert opinion on implant sizes. Some plastic surgery offices can even offer 3D imaging to help you to picture what different implant sizes would look like on your body.

Choosing What is Right for You

When you’ve decided to have breast augmentation surgery, make sure you take sufficient time to research different size and shape options before you get your surgery done. While you’re considering different size and shape options, you should also consider the different materials that make up the types of breast implants, including silicone and saline implants. If you choose breast implants that look great and natural for you, any anxiety that you have over your body image will start to go away.

If you want breast implants that look natural while still giving you confidence and happiness, make sure that you remember these tips. Choose your size and shape according to your body type and health to help you to be fully satisfied with your surgery. As always, make sure that you consult a health expert for a professional opinion to help your surgery to be successful.

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