Plastic surgeons are able to reconstruct skin issues on the entire body including the earlobes. Tissue rearrangement is one of our specialties.

There are Four Requests in Earlobe Repairs

Enlarged or torn ear piercings

Gauged holes that the patient wants to have closed

Earlobe reduction

Loss of the earlobe

Often the pierced hole due to large earrings over time or simply the strong tug of an earring by a young child captivated by the dangling ornament will cause the holes to enlarge. The best method of repair is simply closing the hole or tear through the bottom of the earlobe, and waiting 6 weeks to have new piercings placed. We have left a small hole at the top with a stud to keep it open, but have not found this as successful. The procedure is an easy in-office repair under local anesthetic.

Gauges are ornamental decorations that have been inserted in the earlobe to expand them. This is done is several areas around the world. When a person decides they do not want the large holes, one can simply remove the gauges and see if the hole will close enough which may only happen with smaller gauges, or have the inner hole removed and use the surrounding lobe reconstruct a earlobe without the hole. This can also be done in the office but there will be a more noticeable scar, but only if one is looking closely at the earlobe.

Occasionally the earlobe seems too big. This can be reduced either in the middle of the lobe or on the inner side next to the face. This reduction can also be performed in the office under local anesthesia. It is sometimes done at the same time as an Otoplasty (re-shapement of prominent ears).

Due to injury, cancer, or other causes, earlobe sometimes need to be added. This is also in the reconstructive arena of the plastic surgeon. We can use a combination of neck skin and skin grafts to reconstruct the earlobe.

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