Votiva is an internal vaginal, non-ablative radiofrequency treatment to address vaginal laxity, vaginal dryness, and stress urinary incontinence.

Vaginal laxity

Vaginal laxity can present following childbirth as there may have been excessive stretching of the vaginal floor and walls, with or without extended episiotomies that may not have been repaired effectively, that can lead to a degree of vaginal laxity. During intimacy, in some patients, this vaginal laxity can result in subjective and objective loss of competency and fulfillment during sexual intercourse.

Vaginal Dryness

Vaginal Dryness commonly occurs when post-menopausal loss of estrogen results in many physiological and anatomical changes that are adverse for normal, or youthful functioning of the vaginal and vulva. With age there is a decrease and loss of estrogen and there is a diminished secretory function of the mucosal lining of the vagina, with some atrophy of the underlying muscular layer, which can lead to dryness, discharge, and pain.

Stress Urinary Incontinence

Stress Urinary Incontinence occurs with age and the lack of estrogen, there is an increased weakness of the pelvic floor which drops and there is an anatomical loss of functioning of the urethral junction, and/or possible middle third urethral sphincter weakness. Stress urinary incontinence can significantly impact your quality of life and keep you from doing the activities you love. Stress urinary incontinence may occur when coughing, sneezing, laughing, or exercising.

Votiva treatments are performed in a series of three, spaced one month apart. Votiva is performed vaginally and externally on the vulva. Votiva is an hour long, painless, and zero-downtime treatment. The treatment results are cumulative and continue to improve for months after your last treatment. Maintenance treatments can be performed on a yearly basis. Not only post-menopausal women can benefit from Votiva, but many younger women who have had vaginal births too. Votiva cannot be performed on women who currently have a copper IUD inserted.

Morpheus 8

With age, some patients experience labial atrophy of the labia majora and/or minor, characterized by loss of volume and wrinkling of the tissue. Morpheus 8 can be performed externally on the vulva to address these issues. Morpheus 8 can be performed as a solo treatment or at the same time as a Votiva treatment if desired. Topical anesthetic and nitrous (laughing gas) are utilized during treatment with the Morpheus 8 to ensure a comfortable experience. Morpheus 8 treatments are performed in a series of three, spaced one month apart. Patients can expect some mild discomfort for 48 hours after treatment.

Aviva Non-Surgical Labiaplasty

There is a tremendous hereditary variability in the size of the labia minora and, when one or both minora extend significantly beyond the labia majora, labial minor hypertrophy, or enlargement occurs, and this can be a functional and aesthetic concern for some patients. Aviva is a minimally invasive and non-excisional alternative to a labiaplasty. Aviva is a radio frequency soft tissue contraction applicator, designed to deliver surgical type labiaplasty results without a scalpel. Aviva can produce significant contraction of the labia minor. Not all patients will be a good candidate for Aviva, some patients may benefit from a traditional surgical labiaplasty instead. Aviva is a one-time treatment. Local anesthetic and nitrous (laughing gas) are utilized during treatment to ensure a comfortable experience. Patients can expect some minor discomfort for 48 hours after treatment. Aviva can be performed as a stand-alone treatment or at the same appointment as a Votiva or Morpheus8 treatment if desired.
A consultation and exam performed by a female nurse practitioner to discuss your symptoms, concerns and treatment goals will help to identify which vaginal rejuvenation procedure or combination of procedures is right for you.

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